Request for Proposal (RFP No. 10/MOT/2024) – Bush clearing around Maputo

Expira em: Jun 22, 2024

1. Background:

The Mozambique Transmission Company – MOTRACO – is a limited liability company incorporated in the Republic of Mozambique in 1998. The company is a joint venture of Eletricidade de Moçambique (EDM), Eskom holdings (Eskom), and Eswatini Electricity Company (EEC). MOTRACO was created as a vehicle for cooperation with the primary objective of building, owning, operating, maintaining the transmission system, and supplying electricity to the Mozal aluminium smelter in Mozambique and wheeling power to EEC and EDM.

2. Context and Description:

Maputo Substation has approximately an inner perimeter of 470m x 470m (C x L) and an outer perimeter of 800m x 800m (C x L). The high voltage equipment is in the inner perimeter and the area for expansion is in the outer perimeter. Due to rain, the vegetation grew up posing a risk to the security of the premises. In view of improving the security, the maintenance of vegetation is required to be performed.

3. Scope of work:

  • The bidders are required to:
    • Perform a bush clearing, that consists of cutting to near the ground and removing it from the site;
    • Perform a grass cutting up to the ground level;
    • Trim the trees to give an open view of the substation from all directions and distances;
    • Clearing must be carried from the water drain around the station towards the road (Area 1, 2, and 3) and 50 meters away from the drain system (Area 3);
    • Service provider must undertake caution not to disturb and disrupt the fence and some closer structure, as well as be responsible for the safety of his goods and personnel.

    Area 1 – 8,782.28 m²
    Area 2 – 7,519.82 m²
    Area 3 – 20,966.42 m²
    Area 4 – 84,245.16 m²

  • Note: The use of community labor is encouraged.

4. Format of proposal:

4.1. The proposal must be detailed and present the following:

  • List of material to be used by the contractor;
  • Cost of labor;
  • Any other applicable costs.

4.2. Bidders shall submit the following documents:

  • Company profile;
  • Track record and experience on similar work, including reference letters;
  • Company registration documents and supporting documents;
  • Works plan and Duration.

All the clarification will be provided during a site visit scheduled for 10:00 o’clock on 29th May 2024 at Maputo Substation.

5. Closing Date:

The proposals must be submitted no later than 12 o’clock on 21st June 2024.


Localização: Maputo

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