Request for Proposal (RFP No. 11/MOT/2024) – Vegetation management under 400kV Arnot-Maputo Transmission Lines.

Expira em: Jul 31, 2024

1. Background:

The Mozambique Transmission Company – MOTRACO – is a limited liability company incorporated in the Republic of Mozambique in 1998. The company is a joint venture between Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM), Eskom Holdings (Eskom), and Eswatini Electricity Company (EEC). MOTRACO was created as a vehicle for co-operation with the primary objective of building, owning, operating, and maintaining the transmission system, and supplying electricity to the Mozal aluminium smelter in Mozambique and wheeling power to EEC and EDM.

2. Context and Description:

The 400kV Arnot-Maputo transmission line has approximately 288km and crosses the border between South Africa and Mozambique. The South African side has approximately 239 Km and the Mozambican side 49 Km.

Annually, MOTRACO carries out vegetation management under Arnot Maputo power line for the reasons below that guide vegetation management practice:

  • Ensuring safe clearances under and around overhead lines
  • Ensuring adequate access for inspection, maintenance, and repair activities
  • Reduction of fuels for fires under overhead lines that causes flashovers

3. Scope of work:

The contractor is required to do vegetation management in two Section of the line comprised of two types of Biomes: Savannas and Grassland.

All works must be carried out following ESKOM standards, SHE rules and Environmental requirements.

3.1. Bidding submissions:

The bids shall be submitted for the following sections:

  • Section I (T1 to T182 v T196 to T250) as per scope:
Savana (m) Grassland (m) Tree trimming (each)
31384 23980 262
  • Section II (T295 to T411) v (T444 to T568), as per attached scope:
Savana (m) Grassland (m)
80116 9445

Note: Section-I-ARN-MAP-2024-2026-FY-BUSH-SCOPE.pdf.
Note: Section-II-ARN-MAP-2024-2026-FY-BUSH-SCOPE.pdf.

All the sections must be carried out over a width of 40 meters (20 meters from the centre phase to left and 20m from the centre phase to the right). Contractor is free to quote for any of the two Sections (I, II) but both sections shall not be awarded to the same contractor.

4. Offer format:

The proposal must indicate detailed technical offer (Method statement) and commercial (detailed cost per labour, equipment) per section.

4.1. Bidders shall submit the following documents:

  • Company profile;
  • Track record and experience on similar work;
  • Company registration documents and licences of activity.
  • Below call out rates filled:
Single tree Event >400mm Each
Call Out for Fallen Tree >400mm (Monday – Sat) Each
Call Out for Fallen Tree >400mm (Sunday + Public Holiday) Each
Single tree Event 400mm, 100mm in diameter in Each
Call Out for Fallen Tree <400mm (Monday - Sat) Each
Call Out for Fallen Tree <400mm (Sunday + Public Holiday) Each

5. Clarifications

All clarifications shall be submitted by email to MOTRACO to the attention of:

7. Closing Date:

The proposals must be submitted no later than 12 o’clock of July, 2024.


Adérito Sousa

General Manager

Localização: Maputo

Participe deste Concurso

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